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Tax Planning

Every client is unique, and their income tax planning needs will therefore be just as unique.  Our clients are educated on various legal income tax reduction strategies, including but not limited to:

  1. Differences between S-Corp, C-Corp, and partnership taxation, how they work, and when to use each.
  2. Retirement Planning, which range from traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”), to ERISA Qualified plans such as a 401K or Defined Benefit program, to non-traditional retirement programs such as annuities and cash value life insurance policies; Self-Insurance Programs for your business that can generate substantial and legitimate deductions and provide highly effective creditor protection for liquid assets.
  3. Capital Gains Tax Deferral Strategies that allow business owners to effectively manage their capital gains tax liabilities, and provide alternatives to 1031 exchanges for sales of real estate.
  4. Effective Bonusing Programs for Business Owners and Employees utilizing life insurance policies.
  5. Bracket Borrowing, which is the art of transferring ownership interests in a family business or real estate portfolio so that earnings from these assets are shared with other family members, such as children or parents, who are subject to significantly lower income tax rates than the typically high-income tax brackets facing many of our clients.