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Please call at (213) 289-0675 or email at contact@ascendantllp.com.

Since the confidentiality of Internet email cannot be guaranteed, do not include private or confidential information such as passwords, account numbers, social security numbers, etc., in emails to us.

California Offices

Los Angeles Office
3701 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1130 Los Angeles, CA 90010
T. 213.289.0675
F. 213.289.0285

Newport Beach Office
4340 Von Karman Avenue Suite 290 Newport Beach, CA 92660
T. 949.269.3888
F. 213.289.0285

Texas Offices

McAllen Office
4201 North McColl Road McAllen, TX 78504
T. 832.895.8108
F. 213.289.0285